What is Heroes Of The Clan?


This is a free game with a lot of possibilities and ways to go. You create a clan and then five heroes from ten classes and ten races. Command your heroes to go to war, gladiator-games, expeditions, to become pirates or outlaws, to hunt pirates or outlaws, duels, adventures, clan vs clan skirmishes and a lot more. Watch them increase in level and in skill and select tactic for every individual hero.

Skill up as a leader and become one of the greatest expedition or/and military leaders in the world. If you're good enough the King might select you as his Commander. Help your crafter to skill up and make amazing weapons and armor for your clan to use or sell. You can do it all in this game and be successful even if you can't log in every day. Things are happening with your clan and your heroes even when not logged in.

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  • Most Duelpoints

    Zyka the Ranger of Stormcrows has most duelpoints in the World of Qarix. Zyka has reached duelrank 0.

  • Arena Champions

    Stormcrows and Medikas have won the Arena Championship more times than any other clan. They have 0 titles.

  • Biggest Village

    Westvale is the biggest village with a total of 0 houses paying taxes. This village belongs to Namur.

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