Into The Wild

You have a chance to get resources in every zone. The resource tables are different for each zone. Some give more wood, some give more iron etc...

So where do you want your character to go?

Northern Mountains

AP Cost: 5

The mountains in the northern Namur home of greenskins and other dangerous creatures. You'll find all kind of creatures here but mostly animals and greenskins. If your land is pushed back to one of the two zones closest to your capital city then you'll get knights, soldiers and even war mammoths from killing greenskins and some of the other powerful monsters that are lurking in the mountains.


AP Cost: 5

The Wastelands is a dangerous place with lots of different creatures lurking the area. Here you can run into anything.

Steamy Mountains

AP Cost: 5

The mountains in the southwest Andor. This is the home for many greenskin tribes and other dangerous animals and creatures. It is said that the great orc leader Urzug is roaming the woods in the mountains here.

Fields Of Necra

AP Cost: 5

This is for heroes level 30 and below only. In here you'll mostly run into animals and other low level npc's. The risk of dying is not as high as in the other zones but the experience reward is not very high either. Still a good place for newcomers to begin their adventures in.